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It may seem like an odd thing to say, but in our view, a shop that’s just about selling you something doesn’t interest us. Of course, we’re retailers, but our mission is to create joy and present beauty. We believe in the power of positivity, in sourcing ethically and encouraging creativity.

We love great design and things that make us happy. We’ve lots we like to file under “fun”. That may sound like a lot of hokum: we don’t care. We trust the proof is in the shopping at Restoration Yard experience.


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In our store you can shop from a beautiful selection of womenswear including our favourites from Part Two, Masai, Ilse Jacobsen and Vilagallo. There’s menswear from sartorial greats such as Vedoneire and Selected Homme. Restoration Yard Store is less boutique, more curated emporium. Restoration Yard is a celebration of life and home full of  shopping ideas to restore your faith in the pleasure of simple details, exquisitely executed.

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Of course we love seeing you in our beautiful store. But sometimes life means you need to shop online at Restoration Yard to inject that bit of loveliness into someone else’s life in gift form or simply treat yourself. Shop a little bit of special at Restoration Yard’s online store

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