Give your beauty regime a spring clean

Created in collaboration with Laura Thomas, Restoration Yard Beauty collection was inspired by artwork and interiors from the Buccleuch Collection at our sister estates. Sisi Gibreel - our Head of Creative & Retail Operations - tells us 'we decided to go for two fresh scents (Wild Lemon and Sicilian Sunshine); two woodland/pine inspired scents, we wanted to pay homage to our stunning old woods (Athenaeum and Caledonian Pine); and two floral scents (Rose Garden and Gardenia). I love them all but my favourites are the Caledonian Pine and Gardenia.'

Who would this collection be perfect for, you ask? Everyone! From mums and dads to grandmothers and grandfathers as well as special gifts for friends, we guarantee your giftee will be delighted. The stunning aromas from our candles and diffusers are ideal for filling your home with beautiful fragrances or having a relaxing and soothing bath using our luxury bath oils. Treat yourself or someone you love to a little indulgent pick-me-up from Restoration Yard Beauty.

Soap, glorious soap

Just wait till you smell it! The beautiful scent drifts through The Store from end to end. A treat for both hands and body.  These delightful bars of soap are the perfect gift for any lover of clean fragrance. Packaged in our very own Restoration Yard print paper. You may even be tempted to display them in your bathroom for a touch of vibrancy.

Heavenly hand & body

 Our Hand & Body collection is blended perfectly to help you feel uplifted. With sustainability at the heart of Restoration Yard’s ethos, our collection of toiletries are a blend of 100% natural essential oils. Essential oils can bring a feeling of calm as the wonderful scent from the oils are released. The Hand & Body collection has an overwhelmingly fresh and green fragrance of wild lemon. The perfect Spring/Summer companion.

Bask in the bubbles

Create your own pre-sleep haven with pipettes of precious oils in a warm bath. Opt for our fresh Wild Lemon Bath Oil and pair with Restoration Yard’s scented candle partner to create a wellbeing bubble of bliss on a Sunday evening. Or perhaps you're looking to make a statement in your home with powerful fragrance? Shop our full candle collection online or come and in-store and let your nose choose the perfect one for you.