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What Makes Us Happy…

The Store at Restoration Yard is a very special place. It inspires joy as well as creativity. Its nooks and crooks, filled with gorgeousness, make us happy and we think it makes a lot of other people happy too. While we can’t visit it we thought it would be lovely to pay homage to the beautiful space it is by asking the team at Restoration Yard what they love most about The Store. What they love buying from it? And why?

Shelley Gibson, marketing manager

What makes me happy...My Bombay Duck ‘Happy’ doormat, £24.95, from The Store gives me a cheery welcome every time I walk through my front door. And also hopefully spreads a little happiness to anyone walking past it or making a delivery! I love their designs and have already bought the multicolour ‘Happy’ and ‘Hello Gorgeous’ for friends who also love their uplifting vibes. We’re all at home so much just now, it’s the little things that inspire joy.

"When The Store can re-open again I just can’t wait to spend time browsing the new collections and soaking in the RY atmosphere. I love the quiet of the book nook, the delicious scents from the beauty department, rails full of fashion possibilities in the womenswear section followed by one of my favourites – the Foodhall! I’m always buying gifts for friends and family plus will be designing my own cheese night in using the I.J. Mellis Cheese Counter. The best around for sure!”

Shelley's doorstep complete with Bombay Duck's Happy Doormat, £24.95

Stephen Begg, events & activities manager

What makes me happy...The Store's Children’s stationery collection! The colouring books, pencils and origami sets. The colouring notebooks that were given as gifts by Santa, several years ago, are still treasured. My daughter points them out whenever she sees them in The Store. Also, the origami sets are a great way to keep everyone occupied for a few hours and away from screens!”

Stephen's daughter loves Djeco Origami, £6.95

Gillian Heath, food & beverage manager

"What makes me happy...I love everything about The Store. Every department is absolutely stunning and oozes quality. In particular, though I adore the womenswear. Wearing anything from this department is sure to make you stand out in a crowd and create interest from others asking where the garment is from. Each time I take a look in store something new always catches my eye! The whole store makes me happy – I am a huge fan."

Gillian is making do by shopping RY womenswear online for now!

Catriona Tanner, marketing manager

What makes me happy…I love all the Tweedmill throws, especially at this time of year when all I want to do is cosy up at home! Just seeing them all piled up on the shelves is so inviting and I can't wait to see the new collection when it arrives online. Even though spring is coming,  I just want to wrap myself up in them all."

Catriona adores The Store's Tweedmill Throws, from £24.95

Louise Aylesbury, store manager

What makes me happy…Everything fashion! From buying for each season to it arriving in The Store. I love helping customers find something that brings them joy, suits their personality and needs. Even better, if I find them something totally unexpected. Something they didn’t realise they suited or needed. Oh and also the fresh chocolate counter brings me extreme happiness!"

Chocolate Counter In The Store at Restoration Yard
Louise loves The Chocolate Counter when The Store is open. We do have other chocolate online for now!

Sisi Gibreel, head of retail

What makes me happy…I love just walking through the store. The journey from the kids department through to The Foodhall makes me truly happy. I get so much joy from seeing all the little details, colours, patterns and textures dotted around. The fun and quirky kids department, admiring all the beautiful Djeco mobiles and the stunning displayed wall. Then perusing through all the books on our shelves. I am forever picking up a kids book or two for my son Hugh or a cookbook for my partner Gamble.

"The wonky goose on the ceiling always puts a smile on my face. I adore Mia Sarosi’s jugs, particularly the cheeky Ostrich Creamer, £29.95. As for the rugs, I am now banned from buying anymore. It must be the Arab within me, you can’t move in my home without a rug or two from Waltons. Stepping into the Beauty department is always such a wonderfully fulfilling sensory experience. I simply adore the new Restoration Yard Beauty & Wellness collection. A sensational collaboration with local producer Laura Thomas, which many a friend and family were gifted over the festive period. Oh and I can’t go through Beauty without talking about Sevin. It's the ultimate luxury brand. DIVINE!"

Sisi says Sevin London is divine, from £9.00

Jen Wood, wellbeing consultant

"What makes me happy...buying gifts for friends or family. I missed seeing a lot of my family over the festive season so I enjoyed sending them some lovely RY gifts. When my loved ones are happy, I’m happy. I gave my mum and sister bags from The Store - and they went down a treat. I have a Pom Amsterdam blouse for a friends 50th, which I’m looking forward to giving her. Also, I gave another friend a pot of beauty and pamper products. Of course, Sisi wrapped it so beautifully. I love giving soaps, socks and journals too. What also makes me happy are all of the of beautiful journals, which is dangerous for a stationery addict like me.”

Jen likes to gift journals from The Store

Alison Burke, projects & park manager

What makes me happy…I love Sisi’s silk flower arrangements in The Store. Also, the blue ceramics are just gorgeous. Every time I go through the store I look at them. I love the woollen rugs and covet them. I dream of being able to buy all the perfume and jewellery. And the large giraffe makes me smile inside. However, what I love most is the sense of style across the whole of The Store. I wish that Sisi and her team could come and make my house and wardrobe lovely. I would definitely pay for that if I won the lottery!”   

The faux flowers and beautiful ceramics are Alison's most-wanted.

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