Pre and Postnatal Yoga

Wednesdays, 10am-11am with Alis Atagan

*This class will resume on 17th March 2021*

A class designed for pregnant and postpartum people to help you learn skills and prepare physically and emotionally for this life-changing event. This class will also help you build stamina to navigate this exciting and transformational time.

Drawing on the Poppy Perinatal Yoga approach, these classes are designed to help you create more physical and emotional ease during pregnancy, labour and postpartum recovery. There will be a focus on breath and alignment, using the support of our legs, feet and core (including specialised perinatal core exercises), learning to soften through intensity.

You do not need to have practiced yoga before. The classes will meet you wherever you are at with lots of options for down and up-regulating depending on what you need that day. The classes are suitable for people throughout pregnancy and during post partum recovery (however long that might be) and whatever your journey, as long as you have not been advised otherwise by a medical professional.

This class will involve the use of props to help make some moves more accessible. If possible, please have a yoga mat, strap, yoga block and a blanket available. If you don’t have these props, don’t worry. You could use a scarf or similar instead of a strap, and a thick hard backed book in place of a block.

About the Teacher

Alis believes that yoga is for everybody no matter what their ability, age or physical ailment. Yoga has had a profound impact on her, helping her to transition through difficult times and has helped her learn to love her body. Her classes focus on learning how to soften into feeling.

Keeping you Safe

*This class will be taught via Zoom until we can welcome you back to The Wellbeing Lab.*

We have implemented the following measures to help keep our customers and colleagues safe at this time:

If you are unwell, please stay at home.
Maximum of 8 participants in the Wellbeing Lab.
There will be no equipment provided therefore please bring your own sanitised mat. There are spots marked on the floor for mat placement to ensure social distancing. 
Please wear your mask until you are in position on your mat.
There is a hand sanitiser station to use before you are in position on your mat. 
Please come dressed for the class. There are currently no changing or shower facilities. 
Please keep personal belongings to an absolute minimum and refrain from bringing bags if you can.
There will be a one-way system in place.

Cost & Booking

£10 drop in or £34 for four classes. 

Please book and pay for your class via MINDBODY below. Please 'opt in' to emails to receive your online link to join the class. If you have any problems please email