The perfect Christmas gift

We're all looking for something special to gift to the ones we love this Christmas. Most of us opt for something wrapped up in festive paper with a bow on top, but why not choose the gift of memory making this season? Scott's Apothecary are bringing all things natural beauty to Restoration Yard this Christmas in the form of three glorious workshops. We had the chance to catch up with Alice Scott - founder and creative behind Scott's Apothecary - to find out everything you need to know before booking the perfect Christmas experience.

Alice Scott | Founder of Scott's Apothecary

Started by sisters in law Alice & Toni, Alice is a registered Nutritional Practitioner and chef with a lifelong interest in essential oils. Having for years made her own beauty and cleaning products using the incredible scents and natural therapeutic properties of essential oils, Alice has created and  taught natural workshops for the last six years. Based in the south side of Glasgow, the family business produces a range of hand made, hand blended natural products using sustainable ingredients. 

All candles are hand blended and hand poured using sustainably sourced and clean burning soy wax from Sweden, UK made containers and pure essential oils from small cooperatives.

Where did your passion for natural beauty stem from?

Without a doubt from my mum, who had a handmade potion for every ailment, and avoided having many household chemicals.  She also had an incredible ‘nose’ so we were always surrounded by lovely smells. Training in nutrition I was able to find out just what is put in a lot of everyday beauty and household items, especially fragranced items, and I couldn’t believe the harmful chemicals that people unwittingly used to scent their homes.Just being given a few tools and a bit of knowledge, you can create really beautifully scented products without adding all these toxic ingredients into your home.

What does Scott's Apothecary offer?

We have a range of workshops and kits to make things at home, as well as a range of hand made candles, soaps, lotions and diffusers, all scented with the highest percentage of therapeutic essential oils.

What is your hero product that you couldn't live without?

Our face oil. I slather it on every night and the smell helps me drift off. I also put it on before getting into the shower or bath to both moisturize my skin but also make me feel like I am in a spa.

When did you first become a stockist at Restoration Yard and what prompted the collaboration?

I spotted Restoration Yard when I moved back up North after seeing some of my absolutely favourite artists (Imprint Casts & Wilderframe) featuring in Restoration Yard’s exhibition and knew I had to be part of it! We happened to meet at the beginning of 2023 and were stocked soon after and trialled some successful easter workshops. I now have to set a budget for myself whenever I visit as there are just too many temptations!

Tell us a bit more about your Christmas collaboration with Restoration Yard.

I can’t wait for our weekend of apothecary workshops this December. Whilst we will have a lot of traditional festive scents using essential oils and high quality fragrance oils, we will have scents for everyone to have a go at being their own parfumier. We have three workshops this December:

Natural Candle & Perfume Workshop  

Our most popular Natural Candle & Perfume Workshop  will immerse you in the therapeutic art of candle making with quality ingredients.

You will learn about the different ingredients you can use in candle making, but also why the scents we use have benefits other than just smelling great. Get scent blending with our range of scents and hand pour two candles with different scents, and while those are curing, you will make a mini therapeutic perfume oil to calm, refresh or uplift.

Bath Bomb & Bath Salt Workshop

Our luxury bath fizz and bath salt workshop is great for those that like a little pampering at home. Commercial bath bombs are usually filled with all sorts, so make your own packed with nourishing skin ingredients. Learn about the best oils to use for different skin types and enjoy the revitalising properties of the natural ingredients used in this fun crafty workshop.

Whilst the bath fizzes set, you will create your luxury bath salts.

Luxury Perfume Workshop

Delve into the world of perfume making in our introduction to the art of perfume making workshop and come away with your own totally bespoke eau du parfum using luxury perfumery ingredients found in the French perfume houses.

You will learn some of the basics of perfumery, describing scents and putting scents together to create accords with access to a starter selection of perfumery ingredients you will be helped to create your own bespoke fragrance.

Who are your workshops ideal for?

Anyone who loves scent and wants to find out a bit more about what goes on behind the products they put in their home, or anyone who like getting a bit creative. There is nothing more satisfying than creating a unique scent that works just for you. Our workshops are a bit like being in a chemistry or cooking class- mixing your own potions with all the beakers and pipettes!