Book & Bee Illustration at Restoration Yard

Q&A with Hobo Cinema set designers, Pyrus Botanicals

We can’t wait to see what the incredible Pyrus Botanicals create for this year’s Hobo Cinema, a magical winter woodland cinema with winter foliage, twinkling festoons and woodchip underfoot!

Ahead of the big reveal, we caught up with the Pyrus set designers, Natalya and Fiona, for a sneak peek at what to expect this year…

How did you get involved with Rogue Village and Hobo Cinema?

We have been lucky enough to work with Rogue Village from the very beginning, dressing lots of their events with botanicals over the past few years.

This will be the third time we have worked together for Hobo cinema, it is such a pleasure and always our last project before the Christmas holidays.

Hobo Cinema

You brought Hobo Cinema to life at Restoration Yard last year to great success. What’s the vision for the 2019 incarnation of Hobo Cinema’s Winter Wonderland and how has it changed from last year?

You will have to wait and see!  For Hobo we want to bring a little wintry, festive magic to the venue and smell is always just as important as the visual aesthetic; it is very much an immersive experience for the cinema-goers.

Any beautiful little surprises for our Hobo Cinema film-goers that you can reveal to us now?

The cinema-goers can expect a magical, sculptural, wintry experience – that is all we can give away! You will have to snap up a ticket and go to a screening, such a brilliant way to ease into the festive season.

It must be a challenge to create a beautiful winter wonderland from scratch in what is essentially a big white, blank space. Can you talk us through your process and how you bring the magic to it?

We are part of a team of designers that bring it to life; transforming the space into the winter wonderland that is Hobo.  For the botanicals, we always start with the materials and begin designing from there; it is really important to us that everything we work on has a real sense of time and place.

We’ve heard you’ll be foraging some of the foliage for Hobo Cinema here in the park. How long does it take to build the Winter Wonderland and what materials do you use to bring it to life?

We will start the forage in the days leading up to the first screening, combining dried materials with fresh materials from the woods and local landscape.  It is important that everything is fresh, therefore the nature of our work means everything happens quite last-minute!

Foraging is one of our favourite parts of the job, even in the cold December weather it is lovely to spend a day in the woods seeking out that special branch or piece of treasure.

If you were to settle down and watch one of our films this year which one would it be, who would it be with and what’s your perfect festive film snack of choice.

Good question, we are actually usually lucky enough to catch some test screenings while we are installing, definitely a perk of the job!  Our annual Christmas favourites are The Snowman and Elf, watched with our families while enjoying some mulled wine and popcorn.  The best way to let the Christmas festivities begin!

Hobo Cinema runs from 20th – 24th December at Restoration Yard.