Rose Geranium Botanical Candle

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This beautiful Rose Geranium Botanical Candle has a soothing sedative effect due to the Rose Geranium which emits a lovely scent of rose, which helps to promote greater feelings of relaxation, emotional stability and optimism.

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This beautiful Rose Geranium Candle by Rebecca Tracey has a soothing sedative effect. The botanical candle emits a lovely scent of rose helping promote greater feelings of relaxation and optimism. The candle is a blend with calming oils of lavender and lemon, and a touch of vanilla. The gorgeous fragrance will put a smile on your face, and an air of calmness around you. Light, relax, inhale and enjoy!



Rebecca Tracey

Additional Information

  • Hand poured in England.
  • Perfect blend of 100% pure essential oils
  • Natural cotton wick
  • GM free soya wax
  • Approx 60 Hour Burn Time
  • 300g
  • comes in an attractive, translucent chocolate brown glass – beautifully presented within gorgeous, 100% recycled packaging