Kin Paw Balm

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This natural Good Dog  Shampoo by Norkfolk Natural Living is formulated using the finest ingredients. It includes coconut oil and citrus fruits. Designed to gently cleanse the coat of even the muddiest dog, it’s delicately scented with a blend of naturally derived extracts.

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Kin Paw Balm (40g) by Kin Beekeepers is created with all natural ingredients and is lickable and scent free. Perfect for keeping your pooches’ paws in tip top condition when they’re pounding the pavements come rain, shine or snow!

We use it on our own dog when it’s hot and especially when there’s salt on the pavements. A tiny drop goes a long way – massage in a totty wee drop to relieve and restore dry or cracked paw pads or any dry areas requiring some TLC.


Kin Beekeepers

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