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Perfect Wines for a Romantic Night In

Richard Bouglet of Art du Vin talks romantic wines for the perfect night in
Richard Bouglet, director, l'Art du Vin

Valentine's date or just a lovely night in with your most-loved? To make the perfect evening you need the perfect wines for a romantic night in. Richard Bouglet, director of l'Art du Vin is best placed to help.

Richard says: "It's all about the concept of sharing that brings the magic. A romantic evening is about sharing a moment, a meal and choosing a wine that you're both going to like. OK one of you might love a big red wine but the other can't stand the tannins. So there should be a compromise. Don't try to convert the other person. It does depend on what you're going to eat but food and wine matching is not complicated - it's not rocket science. It's about avoiding extremes. Also, to make it special you want to opt for a lovely artisan produced wine. There is no effort in picking up something from the shelves of the supermarket. Choose quality. Show you've made an effort by choosing a beautifully and thoughtfully made wine."

Richard's Perfect Wines for a Romantic Night In

Finca Fabien Garnacha Rosada, £11.50

Richard's Wine Notes: "Not wanting to put a particular “cheesy pink angle” to the wine suggestions but dry rosé wines are actually very versatile when it comes to food and wine pairing. They can match a wide range of dishes from seafood with a Mediterranean style to pasta dishes, to light grilled meat dishes and also curries! I love this Finca Fabien Garnacha Rosado, £11.50. "

La Jara Prosecco Frizzante, £15.95

Richard's Wine Notes: "This is a dry, bright and lively bottle of bubbles and will bring sparkles to your romantic evening. What a better way to start an evening or dinner than sipping some refreshing, fruity bubbles? La Jara Prosecco Frizzante, £15.95, is organic and slightly lighter in alcohol with flavours of summer berries and apples. The perfect wine to start a romantic night in."

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