Our Stationery Must-Haves

Magic happens in the places and spaces we create in. Whether you’re working from home, an office or on campus, having an uplifting and organised desk space can help you feel more focused and find your flow. Our stationery must-haves double up as functional stationery and joyful objets d’art.

Here are our top picks to help keep your desk delightfully organised and your mind clear and calm.

The pièce de résistance

There's nothing quite like picking out a fresh notebook. It inspires us to start a fresh, organise our lives and jot down many an aesthetic to-do list. If you have visited The Store you will know that beautiful and high quality notebooks are something our team are truly passionate about. Shop our top picks below and be prepared to to give your colleagues some serious stationery envy!

Essential Utensils

For Monday's memos and Friday's festivities. Choosing the right companion for your new notebook is essential to a successful stationery set-up. Whether you're a dead set pen person or like to keep it old school with a florally fabulous pencil set, we've got the writing essentials for you. Choose from our beautiful sets or opt for a special one.

And for the stationery fanatic...

Why not begin creating your very own bountiful card collection? We know this may be a step too far on the organisation front for some, but for those of you who love to send your congratulations, happy birthdays and thank yous through the post, these are the stationery must-haves for you.