Our spring beauty heroes

Not only do our homes require a spring clean but equally, if not more importantly, so do our beauty routines! Whether you're a maximalist with a 10 step night time routine or a minimalist that likes to stick to the trusty basics - we've got the spring update your skin is craving.

Little change, big difference

If you've visited Restoration Yard before you will most likely remember the truly delightful scent that floats through The Store. Our soaps have a reputation of their own. Add a bar or two to your spring beauty routine and you will not be disappointed. Our spring beauty pick would have to be Kew Gardens Magnolia & Pear - simply marvellous.

Moisture is key

Although the cold climes of winter are a thing of the past, your skin is still very much craving moisture. Daily moisturising is vital for healthy skin, yet many of us think of it as an aesthetically-inclined habit. Here are a few of our spring must-haves when it comes to all things nourishing.

Heathcote & Ivory Foot Cream, £10.00, in-store

Bergamot & Vetiver Hand Cream, £10.00, in-store

Beauty sleep essentials

What's our ultimate spring beauty hero you ask? Sleep! The time of day where your body and mind get a chance to recharge, restore and heal. We swear by these three sleep essentials for that perfect nights sleep.