New Lifestyle Coaching Sessions at The Sanctuary

Seeking Sanctuary: Overhaul your lifestyle with new coaching sessions

  Brand new lifestyle coaching sessions are now available for those looking to revamp their outlook on life for the year ahead. They will take place in The Sanctuary, a new therapy room which has been created here Restoration Yard to supplement the calming space used for a timetable of yoga, Pilates, mindfulness and CBT workshops at our Wellbeing Lab.   Wellbeing Consultant, Lifestyle Coach and Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, Jen Wood will lead the Harmonizing coaching sessions and is the first to qualify as a coach in Scotland after receiving expert training from the creator of the Harmonizing Process, Dawn Breslin. Jen also manages our Wellbeing Lab programme here at Restoration Yard.   The sessions aim to help women manage the stress and pressures of modern living. With around one in four people in the UK living with stress, anxiety and depression, these sessions aim to help those who can feel overwhelmed by life at times*. Jen will lead participants in a lifestyle assessment and offer gentle lifestyle changes to help them discover their soul’s purpose, rekindle their zest for life and find clarity and confidence. Those looking to de-stress can also book an hour-long Harmonizing massage session with Jen in The Sanctuary.   Harmonizing massage is a holistic technique that balances the body, mind and spirit. It involves soft tissue massage on a comfortable massage couch in the beautiful surroundings of The Sanctuary at Restoration Yard. It integrates techniques from Therapeutic, Shiatsu and Indian Head massage as well as Reiki and Reflexology. The result is a sense of peace and harmony. Jen Wood at Restoration Yard image