So what is key for autumn 21 womenswear at The Store? Well, let’s just say the urge to dress up in ‘we are going out, out’ looks, whatever the occasion, continues.

Starve us of social contact for all those many months since last March and it is little wonder.  The desire to fling open the closet doors and pull on a dancing dress or a full-on flounce of a skirt is strong. However, we are still loving all those months of comfort dressing so let’s see how the collections have reacted to answer our desire for mixing up full-on glamour with easy-to-wear comfort. Expect colour, print, clever cuts and surprising details. Oh and did we also mention, fast fashion be gone. Forever wardrobe icons are our watch words. Each piece in the collections across The Store at Restoration Yard will transcend the seasons and the years. Timeless perfection.

"Those lockdown months have created this feeling of celebration for dressing up for even the most mundane moments in our everyday. "

Sisi Gibreel, head of retail

Sisi Gibreel, head of retail at Restoration Yard explains: “Fashion at The Store is less about following trends and more about capturing the Zeitgeist. We know from our conversations on the shop floor that women are feeling the need to look and feel fabulous for every occasion – from the supermarket run to work meetings and beyond to those now most treasured nights out. Those lockdown months have created this feeling of celebration for dressing up for even the most mundane moments in our everyday. However, we are all now used to elevating the need for comfort into our most dressed up looks. Also, we know our customers, more and more, are looking for wiser fashion buying. They want longevity, sustainable choices and kinder fashion. So where possible we buy labels that use sustainably made fabrics and production.”

Autumn 21 Womenswear in The Store

So, yes, fashion trends still apply but the buying team at Restoration Yard have handpicked pieces that allude to current trends. Looks that will also work hard in the long haul. From camouflage and colour to autumnal prints and global traveller influences, the Autumn 21 collections at The Store will inspire joy in the art of dressing up again.

New Camouflage

Camo gets reworked for Autumn 21 taking on a feminine flourish. Expect it in flirty dresses, appliqued ‘shirackets’ and sculpted knits at Selected Femme, Pom Amsterdam and Vilagallo.

Autumn 21 womenswear at Restoration Yard Pom Amsterdam
Vilagallo Dress, £165.00
Selected Femme Autumn 21 Womenswear
Selected Femme Dress, £65.00
Pom Amsterdam autumn 21 Womenswear
Pom Amsterdam Top, coming soon
Vilagallo Shirt Jacket Autumn womenswear
Vilagallo Shirt Jacket, £229.00

'Out,Out' Outerwear

Hurrah, we can socialise once again. The excitement of having a reason to dress up means impact dressing from the moment you leave the house is de rigueur at the moment, whatever the gathering. So make your jacket choice count. Choose showstoppers. Add sparkle. Opt for fake fur. Choose ‘Out, out’ outerwear from Vilagallo and Bl^nk.

Blank Jacket, £175.00
Vilagallo Blazer autumn 21
Vilagallo Jacket, £195.00, and Top, £95.00
Blank Jacket autumn 21 womenswear
Blank Jacket, £185.00

'Virtual' Global Traveller

We may not have been able to travel the world for a while but we can live vicariously through our wardrobes as they take in looks from across the globe. From Tibet to Tikal and everywhere in between, the collections at Pom Amsterdam, Bl^nk and Vilagallo took influences from far flung places that we can only dream of for now. Try a fake fur trimmed embroidered waistcoat, a dress reminiscent of Tibetan prayer flags or throw on a blanket cape. Who needs to fly anywhere?

Blank Gilet Autumn 21 womenswear
Blank Gilet, £165.00
Pom amsterdam womenswear
Pom Amsterdam Dress, coming soon
Vilagallo Poncho Autumn 21 womenswear
Vialgallo Poncho, £199.00

Cocooning Knits

Knitwear is always an autumn staple. Why because they allow us to layer, layer and layer. Wear this season’s knits under and over dresses, skirts and tailored trousers to nail that comfort meets dressed up glamour vibe. Skinny ribbed knits at Vilagallo work as the perfect underlayer to prolong your summer dress’s wearability as do chunky cardies from Pom Amsterdam and Karen By Simonsen.

Vilagallo knit autumn 21
Vilagallo Sweater, £110.00
Pom Amsterdam womenswear
Pom Amsterdam Cardigan, coming soon
Karen by Simonsen autumn 21 womenswear
Karen by Simonsen Cardigan, £99.00

Autumnal Colours

As the trees change their colour palette so does fashion. Inspired by the turning of the leaves, collections have taken a decidedly autumnal take on print and pattern at Part Two, Masai and Pom Amsterdam.

Pom Amsterdam womenswear autumn 21
Pom Amsterdam Blouse, coming soon
Masai womenswear autumn 21
Masai Dress, £150.00
Part Two Autumn 21 womenswear
Part Two Dress, £109.95
Pom amsterdam womenswear autumn 21
Pom Amsterdam, coming soon

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