Meet Thea, Our Wedding & Events Coordinator

Set in wonderfully re-imagined 18th Century stables just a few miles from Edinburgh in Midlothian, Restoration Yard really is the perfect setting for your dream wedding. It’s a unique place to have some fun and let your imaginations run wild!

We know choosing a venue and planning your big day can be a little overwhelming, so we aim to make your experience as relaxed and easy as possible. Enter Thea Griffiths, our friendly Wedding & Events Coordinator here to make your special dreams a reality…

An outdoor wedding by the Orangerie at Restoration Yard, Dalkeith Country Park

You're getting married next year - Congratulations! - how are your own plans coming along?

Wedding plans are going really well so far! As I do this for a living, it’s definitely my ‘thing’ so obviously I’m doing most of the planning.

We’re not having a large wedding, so our plan is to have a nice relaxed day. A lot of family who we do not see very often are coming from afar, so we wanted to spend as much time with them on the day as possible.

Our theme is ‘Summer Florals’, basically lots of bright colours and a relaxed feel – taking a lot of inspiration from Restoration Yard!

We’ve also planned to have a day reception rather than going way into the small hours, mainly because neither of us or family members are big dancers so just some lovely roaming music during the course of the day whilst we eat and spend the day together.

The relaxed vibe is even reflected in our choice of main meal – HOG ROAST – and I think this is the only part my Fiancé has been happy to help me organise!

All in all, the plans are all coming together – although I must say they have changed drastically from our original plans, which has been the most exciting part for me! Your day evolves and it is really fun to be creative with it so definitely just enjoy this part.

What are your top 10 tips for couples?

1. Personalise it

Think of ways to bring both your personalities into the day. Guests really appreciate those personal touches!

Unique weddings details: Include your pets in the wedding ceremony by having a 'best dog'

2. Embrace the madness

No matter how much planning has gone into the day, there will always be a few small things that don’t go to plan on the day, but that is okay!

3. All you need is love

The main goal on your wedding day is to marry your best friend – don’t lose sight of that!

4. Go with your gut

Everyone will have an opinion on what you should have on your day, but be true to yourselves.

Handfasting at an outdoor wedding ceremony by the Orangerie at Restoration Yard, Dalkeith Country Park

5. Listen to the experts

Listen and work with your vendors and venue, they do countless weddings a year so will probably have some good advice.

6. It's all about you

Think about what you both want for the day FIRST, and then think about things from your guests’ perspective.

7. Be as wacky as you like

Don’t be shy if your plans aren’t the ‘norm’ – your suppliers and vendors will be happy to make your day personal to you. The more unusual the better!

Wedding breakfast banquet being served at The Kitchen, Restoration Yard

8. See the bigger picture

Remember that marriage is not just one day, it is all the days that follow too so don’t stress yourselves out for the sake of one perfect day.

9. Bring everyone together

Plan activities for your guests to do – standing around and chatting is great ‘n’ all but giving both sides of the family some common ground is always a plus.

Photo booth fun at a wedding reception in The Kitchen at Restoration Yard

10. And most of all...

. . . Have fun planning!

. . . and any advice on what not to do?

The biggest mistake I’ve encountered being a wedding coordinator is time management, because there is so much to fit into one day.

I think people forget that time is still limited just like any other day. I would always recommend working in buffer points through the course of the day so, for example, if your photos take a bit longer, it isn’t a problem.

Bride and groom spending time together at Restoration Yard, Dalkeith Country Park
Photo credit: Craig Hayes Photography

This being said, don’t forget to make sure you also take time to just be with each other. I always make sure that my couples have time to themselves whether this be five minutes whilst we’re getting all the guests seated or a walk together after the meal – these are the moments you will remember from your wedding day – being alone together and saying ‘Hey, we’re Married!

Final words of wedding advice?

Do what makes you both happy!

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