Meet our Artist in Residence

Join us in welcoming RY's first Artist in Residence - Martha Ellis. Adorning the walls of The Store for six weeks, Martha's stylised cut-out drawings will be the first in our brand-new series of featured artists in The Store and courtyard at Restoration Yard.

Martha Ellis

Martha is inspired by natural and urban landscapes, exploring positive and negative space, and the challenge of turning her subject matter into stylised cut-out drawings. She has an ever-growing fascination in reducing complex scenery down to more simplified lines and block colours.

All of Martha's cut-out works start with pencil and paper as she spends hours drawing from life in her sketchbook. These drawings are then either hand cut from sheet material using a Stanley knife, Jigsaw or plasma cutter; or by using laser technology.

Martha's unique wall mounted pieces are hung directly onto the wall where they cast beautiful shadows which vary depending on strength of light, cloud or time of day, a deliberately interactive and living aspect to her art.

Take a sneak peek

Would you like to see more?

Great news - Martha is one of 35 incredible artists who will be exhibiting at the upcoming Inception Art Show at Dalkeith Palace from 4th to 14th May. Over 10 days art lovers will have access to the artists and their work with an inspiring additional programme of artist-led workshopscurator & Palace tours, an online charity auction and a spectacular evening art & supper event with Richard Demarco and fellow Inception artists.