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Inception Art Show: Artist Showcase

Love art in all its forms? Missed visiting galleries and exhibitions over the past 20-plus months? Inception at Dalkeith Palace in September promises to bring art back to the forefront after the long hiatus suffered by the creative industries. We wanted to meet just a few of the faces behind the art to find out how they got through the hard times of the pandemic and what to expect from them within the works they are bringing to Inception on September 10,11 and 12.

Meet the People behind the Art

Christine Clark

Artist Christine Clark describes her work as suspended dreamscapes - loose and energetic with attention to both draughtsmanship and emotional authenticity. She works mainly in oils as she loves the exuberance and application.  

"During the pandemic, questions as to how I might sustain my business, and the impact of the pandemic on the arts in general, were continually at the forefront of my mind.  Nevertheless, for me painting is an intrinsic compulsion; my only choice was to keep painting.  

The Artist Support Pledge, an initiative launched by Matthew Burrows, gave artists the opportunity to support each other through sales of small-scale works. It was a saving grace to me and many like me. Upon joining the movement, I began to reflect on the situation we found ourselves in. A new series of figures captured in hourglasses emerged, a symbol of non-linear time, a space of contemplation suspended in time.  I was simultaneously working on a series of ‘Wild Blooms’ reflecting the beauty of the human spirit as it turned to nature for renewal. Everything had slowed down and nature prevailed, glorious blooms, bird song ; we became far more attuned to  the natural poetry of the landscape."

Christine Clark on Inception

"I am absolutely thrilled to be exhibiting alongside my contemporaries in such a unique location. Painters, sculptors, photographers, and ceramists reemerging into the world, finding light under one exquisite roof. Every human on the planet has experienced this pandemic. Each of us finding our own way through enforced periods of solitude makes this feels like a new dawn in so many ways. An exhilarating throwing open of our doors. Allowing fresh air and fresh eyes to join in the celebration of moving forward. My creative process gave me such solace in the dark times. “Inception” is what we have been waiting for and working towards. A brilliant opportunity to connect with such a wonderful team of creatives and present our work to the public."

What you'll see from Christine Clark at Inception

"My new body of work attempts to reflect the beauty of the human spirit as it turns to nature for renewal. Teal, deep emeralds and golds dominate the pallet with splashes of cadmium orange and burnt hues bring warmth. The largest painting ‘Ophelia I’ 130x130cm oil on canvas is a powerful piece; an almost defiant female face emerges from the canvas framed by nature, colourful foliage and herbal energetics. A loose brush stroke of gold sits in front of the eyes which suggests balance and harmony as we begin to move forward. "

Christine CLark at Inception at Dalkeith Palace
Christine Clark at Inception at Dalkeith Palace

Hatti Pattison

Hatti Pattison describes her signature style as fluid, often loosely depicting a land or seascape but sometimes abstract. She works mainly in acrylic paints but sometimes also works with mixed media.

"When the pandemic hit I had just had my first child. My husband and I had moved up north to live a quieter life for when our son arrived, therefor it was good timing. It was a relief to be away from everything. I had started working again at a pace that worked around our baby’s nap times. I very luckily had a back log of work to get through. My work gave me focus and distraction from the news. I was filled with gratitude to have those pieces to work on otherwise I think things would feel a lot more worrisome.
Having exhibitions tend to invigorate new collections so having all future ones cancelled was a bit uninspiring but I was lucky to have orders of hand finished prints through my website which kept me busy. There were some great global movements like Artist Support Pledge and The Hundred Day Challenge and I really saw my creative community push that bit harder and offer more of an online service with showing their work. It was really inspiring to feel the community spirit with us all cheering each other on too. I’m up to date with my commissioned paintings so have managed to carve time to focus solely on my new collection which has been wonderful."

Hatti Pattison on Inception

"This opportunity of working collaboratively at the Dalkeith Palace with a group of amazing artists could not be welcomed more. We are finally doing a show. Hurrah! It will be a unique show. I feel invigorated, excited and grateful. It's a fantastic opportunity to reconnect IN PERSON with artists and with the public coming in and viewing our collections. I cannot wait and feel very grateful to be asked. ""

What you'll see from Hatti Pattison at Inception

"This collection which I will be showcasing at the exhibition “Inception’ is a real mix of scale and theme. I feel it is pieces of many of my collections. It has seascapes and landscapes, which are really close to my heart. There are some new colour palettes and a slightly new direction with my abstract pieces too. I haven’t been doing any physical exhibitions till now since the pandemic. It therefore seems the flood gates have opened and its all coming out! It’s exciting. It’s an incredible release for me. I’m looking forward to curating it. To seeing the storyline of the collection reveal itself without me having to overthink it prior to the exhibition."

Inception at Dalkeith Palace
Hatti Pattison at Inception at Dalkeith Palace

Jonathan Freemantle

Artist Jonathan Freemantle works primarily in oil, on linen or canvas. He makes his own paint as he is interested in the alchemical aspects of painting. He has recently begun working in stone too as well as some digital media.  Of his work he says: "My training was deeply traditional. This anchors my practice, which is rooted in observational drawing and painting. Over the years I have moved more towards gesture and expression so my work will oscillate between abstract and figurative. I see no important distinction between the two. I am influenced by African masks, Hellenic and Renaissance art. It immersively dives into wild nature and post impressionist landscape painting. "

"Although in many ways the pandemic has been a challenging time, I’ve found it equally liberating. I moved my studio to a smaller space at home and embraced Instagram as a sales tool. I completed a 100 day challenge and am half way through a 200 day challenge, where I post a new work online every day. All the work has sold, and I’m now making two bodies of larger works for exhibition. It feels good to be scaling up again. The daily discipline has been excellent, and I’ve loved having my family involved in my studio practice. "

What you'll see from Jonathan Freemantle at Inception

"The body of work on show are gestural paintings that sit between Fauve landscape and Japanese expressionistic Gutai. Although, hopefully they speak a language of their own. I’m painting from an instinct rather than a literal inspiration. With these works I am particularly excited by the dance between order and chaos."

Jonathan Freemantle at Inception in Dalkeith Palace
JOnathan Freemantle at Dalkeith Palace art show Inception

Taisir Gibreel

Artist and textile designer Taisir Gibreel works primarily with acrylics on canvas and paper.  Bold gestural strokes, layering of paint and organic marks weave in and out of Gibreel's work. She says of her work: "I oscillate between using a wide array of colours and limiting my colour palette. Colour, texture and application is the narrative. Whether I use bold loose strokes or subtle sensitive strokes is how I communicate my story. So all my paintings are born from a desire to communicate an emotion. I would describe myself therefore as an abstract expressionist painter."

"The last 18 months have been a roller coaster of many emotions. Defining features have been the resilience, overwhelming innovation and support fellow artists have shown one another. Initially, I was gripped with fear, unsure of what the future might hold as all exhibitions started to fall away. Like many, I immersed myself in the news, however with time I found solace through social media where the artists’ community really came together. "

Taisir Gibreel on Inception

"I am absolutely thrilled to be exhibiting alongside so many wonderful artists in this stunning location. I am inspired, exhilarated, reenergized and simply over the moon to be involved with the such an exciting new beginnings. Inception couldn’t be a more perfect setting to showcase a body of work that was born out of challenging times."

What you'll see from Taisir Gibreel at Inception

I conceived and executed Inner Dialogue over the last 14 month period throughout the recent events that has separated artists from so much of their inspirations. The collection begins at a point of frustration – the start of an inner dialogue in which the mind becomes trapped within a circular narrative.  This narrative is broken by a moment of self-confrontation. It is a breakthrough point from which a cathartic process can begin, therefore reaching towards a new beginning.    

What is Inception?

Inception, is an exciting new art sales exhibition launching this September 10,11 and 12. It will showcase the work of handpicked British artists. In a world adapting to Covid-19, Inception allows artists, who have endured extremely tough times over these past 20 months, to collaboratively present their collections to the public. Artists’ collections are showing in ‘found spaces’ within Dalkeith Palace.  

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