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How to Picnic…Perfectly

Laid-back lunch or a special family and friends gathering? We have some top tips on how to picnic...perfectly

Picnics, they always sound good, however, too often the reality is a little less so. Al fresco dining is very much having a moment as we want to gather in larger numbers, safely. All of a sudden, dining outdoors is the go-to solution for every social event – birthday brunches, baby showers, romantic dates or just because. Even a little rain won’t deter us - we are British after all. Check out our guide on how to picnic perfectly.

Take A Little Comfort

Well, what would a perfect picnic be without a suitably stylish picnic rug? Go for a lightweight roll with its own carry handle if you're on foot. Packing up the car for your outdoor dining experience? You can indulge in a slightly more lavish affair by bringing along a picnic rug plus cushions.

Plates, Packs & Paraphernalia

Save the arguments on picnic day. Pack plenty of plates, cutlery and food wraps for your outdoor feast. Who needs squabbles over whose is whose on a lovely laid-back day? Perhaps use serving boards for a more relaxed vibe, with napkins in place of plates, keeping the weight of your picnic basket down.

Choose Lightweight & Lovely

Kids Stuff

Food & Drink

The Foodhall is stashed with delights for the perfect picnic. Come on in-store to create a bespoke hamper of pickles, biscuits, I.J Mellis cheese and so much more. Or drop by to pick up our readymade cheese and wine hamper, some condiments and other delicious savoury treats. A good how to picnic perfectly guide wouldn't be complete without a little chin chin of alcohol. Our wines, spirits and beers will add that extra dimension.

Foodie Finds

Picnic Perfect Drinks

Happy picnicking. Check out our online store or come in-store for all the perfect ingredients to the perfect picnic. Want to hear all the news from Restoration Yard first? Sign up to our newsletters or follow us over on or follow us on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.