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How To Cook The Perfect Steak

As head chef at The Kitchen at Restoration Yard, Colin Halliday knows how to get the best out of every steak. Maybe you missed a most-sought after table at one of our popular Steak Nights at The Kitchen? Well enjoy Colin’s top tips on how to cook the perfect steak...

What’s your favourite cut of steak?

Definitely ribeye and I very much recommend the 28-day-aged dry-aged Buccleuch Beef.

When perusing the butchery counter what makes you choose one steak over another?

It’s all about the amount of fat. I’m looking for not too much fat but a fine balance between the amount of meat and the amount of fat.

So how do we cook the perfect steak?

Whichever cut you choose let your steak get to room temperature before you begin. I cook my steak to around 45°C so if the steak is at room temperature (18°C) before I start cooking as this significantly reduces the cooking time and means it will be moist and tender on the plate.

Before I cook a steak I season it first with Malden Sea Salt and freshly ground black pepper. So add a splash of oil in the pan first for heat and then add butter for colour and flavour. Throw on the steak at a high heat then sear all the sides. Now you can lower the heat to low or medium. Most shop bought steaks will give a rough guide to rare, medium and well-done. Cook to your preference – ask your butcher for a guide on how long it will need for rare, medium, medium rare or well done (shop-bought steaks will have instructions on the packaging).

Colin Halliday - Head Chef at The Kitchen at Restoration Yard

Steak served in The Kitchen at Restoration Yard

From pan to plate or do you need to rest a steak like a roast?

Resting your steak is so important. The general rule is that you should rest your steak for the same amount of time that you cooked it. After it’s rested, before serving, crank your oven crank your oven up full and put the steak back in the oven for 30 seconds to regain surface temperature. Then your steak is ready for the plate.

What’s the best sauce for a great steak experience?

It has to be peppercorn or blue cheese for me.

Can you give us a quick go-to sauce that can be whipped up in seconds for a simple at-home steak night?

Remove your steak from the pan for its rest. Chuck a small glass of red wine in the steak pan and with a wooden spoon scrape all the crispy bits up from the bottom of the pan. Reduce this liquid jus by two thirds and add a beef stock pot and a couple of knobs of butter. Again reduce slightly and it’s ready to enjoy.

Finally, what are your favourite sides for enjoying with a steak?

I love mine with hand-cut chips and honey roasted parsnips. Delicious.