Guest Blog | World Menopause Day

The 18th of October marks World Menopause Day 2023. This year, the focus is on raising awareness of menopause and cardiovascular health. We asked our wonderful Wellbeing Consultant - Jen Wood - to share some of her thoughts and wisdom with us.

Jen Wood, Wellbeing Consultant, Restoration Yard

World Menopause Day in the UK is an opportunity not only to raise awareness about menopause but to celebrate the resilience and strength of women as we navigate this transformative phase of life. Rather than seeing menopause solely through the lens of symptoms and challenges, we can shift the focus to highlight it’s potential as a catalyst for personal growth, renewal and empowerment.

Embracing Self-Discovery: Menopause can bring a heightened sense of self-awareness. It's a time when women can rediscover their passions and values and rediscover themselves. It can be a time to make new life choices with confidence.

Career Evolution: With less focus on providing and more on fulfilment and contribution to the wider system, this can be a time to explore new career paths, take on more creative roles, or mentor the next generation.

Body Positivity: It can be empowering to embrace self-acceptance and body positivity during menopause. Celebrating the inner strength and beauty that comes with can foster a sense of confidence.

Mental Health and Wellbeing: By attending to our mental health, managing stress and self-care, we can emerge from menopause with improved emotional resilience and wellbeing.

Community and Support: We’re wired to connect and finding our tribe at this time of life is more important than ever. It gives us a sense of belonging and empowerment.

Holistic Wellness: By addressing our physical, emotional and spiritual needs we can learn to thrive during menopause.

"I know there can be challenges, and I experience them too, but we get more of what we focus on. I believe that by addressing these things, we can reframe the conversation around this significant life transition.

On World Menopause Day, I would prefer to celebrate the wisdom, power and beauty that come with age. I choose to see menopause as a springboard for renewal and empowerment rather than merely a phase of physical change or pathology."

Jen Wood

"As a woman ages and her sex hormone levels decrease her yin energy drops. If yin energy lowers, yang energy has to increase. Yang energy is heat, active, doing, agitation which in turn leads to disturbed sleep, hot flushes, distraction; some of the more common (peri)menopause symptoms.

The first step to balancing hormones, at any age, and feeling better is tackling stress levels. Qi Gong is wonderful at lowering stress levels and increasing energy, bringing the body into balance. When the body is in balance it can heal."

Suzi Burns, Qi Gong Teacher, Restoration Yard

Wellbeing at Restoration Yard

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