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Got that ‘Back To School’ feeling? Do it stylishly

It's not just the kids that get that Back To School feeling come the end of the summer holidays. We all get it and even more so this year as many of us head back to the office after WFH for the last eleventy-billion months. So how to ride your own 'back to school' feeling - stylishly? Less uniform shopping and conquering book lists, the grown-up version of back to school is more about shopping happy. Treating yourself to fancy notebooks, enviable pens and pencils, perhaps a desk-worthy water bottle and of course maybe a little 'I mean business' new work attire from our new season collections as they come in (watch this space). Of course you can treat the kids too (check out Rice, Floss & Rock and Sass & Belle) but we say embrace that back to school feeling for you, you, you.

Oh-so-lovely Pens & Pencils

Nothing is more back to schooly than a spangly new pen or pencil. And don't get us started on highlighters! So satisfying for all sorts of reasons . Great for back to school kids and adults.

Noteworthy Notebooks

Listmakers and journallers rejoice, The Store is packed, online and in-store, with pages and pages for you to make your mark on. These are notebooks for adult musings let the kids stick to their school books.

Working Lunches

Kids and adults can delight in lunchware and food storage boxes that make eating at your desk, or indeed in the school dining hall, much more enjoyable.

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