Meet The Makers at Restoration Yard

Meet The Makers at Restoration Yard

Meet The Makers behind the delicious produce in The Foodhall: Buck & Birch

We are thrilled to have Buck & Birch joining us in The Foodhall for the first Meet The Maker weekend pop-up of 2022. With a plethora of local producers supplying The Foodhall with the best of local food and drink, we thought it was time you met the creators behind the brands.

The Buck & Birch is a tale of relentless pursuit of flavour, of journeying into the wild and capturing the magic of land and sea in award winning liqueurs and spirits. It is the celebration of the roots, shoots, petals and fruits thriving on paths less trodden and a commitment to share them in all their glory.

Come along to The Foodhall at Restoration Yard on Saturday 12 February to enjoy a tasty tipple and meet the amazing makers behind Buck & Birch liqueurs in The Foodhall. A perfectly unique Valentine’s Day gift if we ever saw one!

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