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End of Year Teachers’ Gifts Guide

So we know there are mixed feelings out there regarding end of year teachers' gifts in a time when so many parents and guardians are doing homeschooling while juggling EVERYTHING ELSE. However, we also know there are so many teachers out there working hard, either teaching remotely or in schools providing care and education to key workers' children. Sooooo, here's our 2020 End of Year Teachers' Gifts Guide packed with some unconventional gift ideas (we like to surprise) as well as some great safe bets.

Homeschooling and feeling frazzled? Well, why don't you pick yourself a little treat from our teachers' gift guide too. You deserve it.

PS - remember to leave plenty of time for posting! We recommend 7-10 days.

Beautiful cards to send your gratitude

Saying thank you by actual card can mean so much more than a virtual card. Especially when it's a beautiful little message inside an even more beautiful card. See our favourite cards for the deserving teachers in your world below or you can shop all cards here.

You can't go wrong with chocolates

Say thank you with chocolates. Who doesn't adore a little sweetness in the form of chocolatey goodness? Our chocolate selection is packed with all sorts of yum in gorgeous packaging making it hard to choose from. Check out our full range from delicious truffles to artisan gift boxes. Here are just three of our favourites that we reckon teachers (and you) will love to receive as their end of year gift.

Gift the perfect cup of tea

Gift the tea break of dreams. Teaching is no walk in the park, so everyone doing it deserves the best of tea breaks...yes? We adore Broste Copenhagen's beautifully hand-crafted crockery in Nordic Sea Blue because it brings to mind the Scandinavian archipelago with its wind, sea and cliffs. The Broste Copenhagen cup and saucer in Nordic Sea Blue £17.95 and the Broste Copenhagen Teapot in Nordic Sea Blue £19.95 will give that little bit of 'aahhh' to a day of teaching, be it online or in person.

Add a little self-care into the teaching schedule

So homeschooling parents are probably even more appreciative of the work that teachers do now they're doing it for themselves (with a little online help, hopefully). Perhaps seeing how full-on it can be, firsthand, makes it more reward-worthy. A little gift with a wellbeing slant could be the perfect choice. Choose from our self-care picks below. For more wellbeing gift ideas, shop the full range here.

Deliver desirable desk accessories

It might be a cliché but doesn't everyone love a great notebook (and we adore this one with its gold foil elephant and lux ribbon marker) and a swishy pen? Peruse our full range of notebooks, pens and pencils.

What about some foodie treats?

In a time when eating out is one of the things we all miss, why not deliver a little slice of deliciousness that eases the mundane of putting meals on the table three times a day as well as educating the nation's children? From an afternoon tea gift box to an out of this world spice experience in a tin wrapped in a sari our online Foodhall has numerous delectable delights. Shop here or enjoy our wee selection of teacher treats.

Opt for the good all-rounder - a gift voucher

A voucher never goes wrong when it comes to end of year teachers' gifts. And with phase two of lockdown easing around the corner we are keen to have new customers visit our store in person, with all the recommended Covid-19 safety guidelines in place - when we can. Keeping in line with government easing, our bricks and mortar store will hopefully open its doors very soon and the teacher that you've thanked can choose a gift from our treasure trove of goods in person, very safely. Watch this space.

Give a little love to a charity for that end of year teachers' gift

There are some who may feel, in the light of lockdown, that now is the time to support charities instead of end of year teachers' gifts. Teachers themselves may feel uncomfortable accepting gifts in a time when so many charities and support organisations are struggling to make ends meet. We have our own partnership with Children's Hospices Across Scotland and are continuing to try to support them as much as we can to help families with children with life-limiting conditions. However, there are many other charities that are helping those who who have been hugely affected by the pandemic we are living through so perhaps this article will help you decide which charity or organisation you would like to donate to. Happy end of school year 2019-2020 to all.