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Cook Your Way To Italy

OK so we can't venture to Venice or roam to Rome right now. But cooking authentic Italian food can bring that little bit of Italy to your table. Restoration Yard Tenuta Marmorelle range in The Foodhall makes creating that authentic Italian dinner all the more easy. Here's our round-up of our key Tenuta Marmorelle must-haves that will have you travelling in your head to Italy via your taste-buds. ALSO Nick Carlucci from Tenuta Marmorelle gives us a few hints and tips on how to cook your way to Italy, authentically.

"Our products are all made in Italy by small artesian producers who love and care about the quality of the products," say Nick Carlucci. He adds: "The secret to Italian cooking is quality ingredients done well and not too complicated.
Normally in Italian cooking it is simple fresh ingredients cooked very simply. Some of the best pasta dishes are only using a few ingredients so carbonara is only eggs, cheese, pancetta and pasta. Amatriciana is onion, tomatoes, pancetta and pasta. Simple dishes with great ingredients."

Sundried Cherry Tomatoes

Cook your way to Italy - Sundried Cherry Tomatoes
Tenuta Marmorelle Sundried Cherry Tomatoes, £5.95

Bursting with flavour, these Tenuta Marmorelle Sundried Cherry Tomatoes, £5.95, can be tossed into a salad, eaten indulgently with cheese or enjoyed as a beautiful addition piled up on an antipasti selection board.

Amatriciana Sauce

Authentic Italian Amatriciana Sauce from Tenuta Marmorelle
Tenuta Marmorelle Amatriciana Pasta Sauce, £5.25

Tasty and versatile, made with tasty cured pork and juicy tomatoes, this Tenuta Marmorelle Amatriciana Pasta Sauce, £5.25, works well on it's own with pasta tossed through or as a base for pizza. Lovingly made for Tenuta Marmorelle in the Abruzzo region of Italy, this sauce is a failsafe for creating an authentic Italian meal.

Artichoke Hearts

Cook your way to Italy Artichoke hearts tenuta marmorelle
Tenuta Marmorelle Artichoke Hearts, £7.50

These Tenuta Marmorelle Artichoke Hearts, £7.50 are simply delicious. A classic antipasti board addition. Pair with cheeses, sundried tomatoes and tapenades for a perfect appetiser. Summer evenings in Italy are easy to recreate with these on the menu.

Gluten Free Penne Rigate Pasta

Tenuta Marmorelle Gluten Free Pasta Penne Rigate
Tenuta Marmorelle Gluten Free Penne Rigate Pasta, £4.95

"Our Gluten Free pastas are so light to eat and easy to digest. There are only three ingredients cornflour, rice flour and water and that is it. It took 2.5 years to perfect the mix and it is amazing the best gluten free pasta on the market," explains Nick. Thought you knew how to cook pasta? Check out Nick's blog on doing it the right way!

Tomato & Basil Sauce

Authentic italian tomato and basil sauce
Tenuta Marmorelle Tomato & Basil Sauce, £5.25

A simple yet divine pantry staple. Try this Tenuta Marmorelle Tomato & Basil Sauce, £5.25. Just boil up your favourite pasta, heat this sauce through and combine for an easy family pasta course. It is also perfect as a base on homemade pizzas. Just add your favourite toppings as well as some (or indeed lots of) grated mozzarella and hey presto. This gorgeous sauce is made in the Abruzzo region of Italy, it is rich in flavour and full of five-a-day goodness. Yay.

Truffle Risotto

Tenuta Marmorelle Truffle Risotto is a delicious way to cook your way to Italy.
Tenuta Marmorelle Truffle Risotto, £4.50

This Tenuta Marmorelle Risotto, £4.50, is the base of a wonderful and special Italian meal. Prepared according to traditional methods with Carnaroli rice and truffles, which add a wonderful nutty flavour. Add a little bit of butter, water and a splash of wine as well as a few of your favourite risotto ingredients - perhaps shallots, mushrooms or peashoots. Simmer, stir and serve with a few shavings of parmesan. Delicious. Check out Nick's recipe idea here.

Bomba Pugliese Condiment

Bomba Pugliese Spicy Vegetable condiment.
Tenuta Marmorelle Bomba Pugliese Spicy Vegetable
Condiment, £4.95

Mixed with chillies and sun-dried tomatoes, this little jar of Tenuta Marmorelle Bomba Pugliese, £4.95, will lift your pasta dishes up more than a few notches. Just stir in with your favourite pasta to create a most delicious Italian main. Looking to up your BBQ game? Spoon directly on to a BBQ burger bun to give your garden party a little oomph. Punchy and delicious it is a little jar of wonder that is great to have in your cupboard for that impromptu dinner.

Two Year Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Casanova two year aged Balsamic vinegar
Casanova Two Year Aged Balsamic
Vinegar, £6.25

Searching for the perfect balsamic? Look no further. This Casanova Two Year Aged Balsamic Vinegar, £6.25, has a tangy piquant flavour. It's created in Modena, the designated region of Italy famous for balsamic vinegar. Storage in wooden barrels for a minimum of 2 years along creates its tangy flavour perfect for salads. Add some olive oil to create a fantastic vinaigrette. Casanova has been creating Balsamic Vinegar for four generations.

Taste of Italy Medium Hamper

Taste of Italy Medium Hamper, £55.00

Send someone or gift yourself our gorgeous Taste of Italy Medium Hamper, £55.00. It's an escape to the Mediterranean in a basket. Taste buds will come alive with all of the delicious flavours - many of them are Tenuta Marmorelle favourites. Our expertly curated Italian hamper, filled with staff and customer favourites, will transport you or someone you love to those sunny climes.

Taste of Italy Large Hamper

Taste of Italy Large Hamper, £85.00

Go large. This bumper Taste of Italy Large Hamper, £85.00, has all the delights for an Italophile who loves to cook authentic Italian food but this also includes a little wine and delicious Italian pastries. It will make the perfect grand gesture of a gift for someone that you want to treat just because you've missed them, they have a big birthday or indeed an anniversary. Or perhaps it's you that deserves this treat?

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