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Celebrate International Yoga Day


As it is International Yoga Day on Sunday 21st June, we want to fulfil its aims to bring yoga and all its benefits to a wider audience by offering you free taster classes. Essentially, International Yoga Day is about celebrating yoga and informing people how much dedicating a bit of time to the art of yoga can improve their lives. So celebrate it with us by popping along virtually to our free taster classes.

Yoga is central to our offering at The Wellbeing Lab. During 'lockdown' we've moved these classes online and they are bringing a little bit of calm and self-care to all that join us. To celebrate International Yoga Day we are offering you all the opportunity to enjoy tasters of these classes for free. These tasters are designed to be enjoyed by all ages and all abilities - so sign the family up or come along yourself (via the medium of Zoom). You'll get a little snippet of what yoga can do for you.

Tess Johnson, yoga teacher at Restoration Yard's Wellbeing Lab

10.15am ~10.45am Sunday 21 June
Virtual Forrest Yoga with Tess Johnson

This Forrest Inspired Online Yoga class will help you learn to breathe deeply and connect in feeling with your body.  It does not require strength or flexibility; only that you bring an open mind. Through the pose sequences you will learn to build strength, flexibility and self-awareness, connecting to your core, relaxing your neck, shoulders and hips, to help you find ease and bring aliveness to your body, so you feel rejuvenated.

Tess’ classes are for people of all ages, and most importantly you don’t need to be flexible to participate. Try out her free taster this Sunday and for more details of her Wednesday and Thursday classes see The Wellbeing Lab online schedule HERE.

Nina Goldberger, yoga teacher at Restoration Yard's Wellbeing Lab

11.00am ~ 11.25am Sunday 21 June
Virtual Energising Flow Yoga
with Nina Goldberger

An invigorating, yet balanced, yoga class via Zoom that flows through different sequences designed to energise, awaken and strengthen. Come reconnect, breathe, feel good and refill your cup. Suitable for all levels.

Nina enjoys all the different ranges and styles of yoga, and dips in and out of and often attends workshops in Hatha, Forrest and Ashtanga, to stay inspired and keep her own flow fresh. She’s a stickler for alignment and knows how important it is to turn down the mental noise that can so easily plague our everyday lives. In yoga, there is peace. To join Nina's weekly class on Mondays, 5.30pm - 6.30pmfor check out The Wellbeing Lab online classes click HERE.

Declan Mair, yoga teacher at Restoration Yard's Wellbeing Lab

11.45am ~ 12.10pm Sunday 21 June
Virtual Yoga For Beginners with Declan Mair

Want to try yoga but not sure where to start? This online class is aimed towards beginners so if you're new to yoga worry not - join Declan online via Zoom to explore, play and enjoy! The class is suitable for people of all abilities and is geared towards breaking poses down slowly so you can find what is most suitable for you and give you a good yogic grounding.

During the class you will work through your whole body; gently stretching it, building strength, finding balance. As you slowly engage with your body your mind will still itself. Gradually you will find your energy levels have been replenished. Fancy trying it for real? Declan's class is on a Tuesday at 5pm. For more details see The Wellbeing Class online schedule HERE.