Best Summer Drinks in The Store

Summer sun (and even rain) calls for the best summer drinks of an evening. A chilled G&T or an iced summer rum perhaps? Or a beer with a little sunshine induced twist? Whichever summer drinks tickle your tastebuds, The Store at Restoration Yard has a tipple for all. Here we showcase some of our favourite local producers of rum, beer, vodka, gin and more. Head in-store to pick up the best summer drinks made locally.

Top Out Brewery

Top Out Summer Drinks at Restoration Yard
Top Out Brewery founder Michael Hopert (right) with Andi Scheib (left) his co-owner and business manager

“Our brewery and brand is closely entwined with the great outdoors, especially our stunning Scottish mountains. At the foot of the Pentlands south of Edinburgh, you’ll find our wee brewery where we combine German and Scottish influences to create tasty and great quality beers.”

Top Out Brewery

The Top Out Brewery Story

German-born Michael Hopert founded Top Out Brewery after a successful career in whisky retailing. He has been brewing delicious craft beers for the last decade and uses his encyclopaedic knowledge of beer styles and trained palate to create some of the most delicious beers in Scotland.

Michael loves to spend most of his free time in the mountains and as a keen mountaineer and fell runner he has visited most of Britain's walking and climbing regions. Following a move to Edinburgh, Michael created Top Out in 2013. What’s in the name? Well, top out means to finish a route or to reach the top of a mountain. That spirit is reflected in all Top Out bottle and can labels, which feature the contour maps of different Munros and detailing the route to each summit.

Best Top Out Brewery Summer Drinks at Restoration Yard

Triple Lemon, £4.50, is a tongue tingling, zingy and refreshing kettle sour brewed with lemon zest, lemongrass and lemon thyme. Perfect for summer.
One of Top Out's originals, Staple, £3.80, is a best-selling cask beer; a tasty, smooth, session pale ale that should be part of everybody’s ‘staple’ beer diet.
Gipfel, £4.50, is summit in German. It's super juicy, hoppy pale ale, double dry hopped with US hops Idaho7 and Mosaic. Oats were added to give body.

Stewart Brewing

Stewart Brewing was founded in 2004 by Steve and Stewart

"Our business is based on three basic principles. First, to produce beers of the highest quality possible, second,
to provide an exceptional service to our customers and finally,
to have fun doing it."

Stewart Brewing

The Stewart Brewery Story

Stewart Brewing, founded in 2004 by Steve and Jo Stewart, is Edinburgh's original craft beer brewery. It quickly established itself as one of Scotland's most successful and reputable breweries. It began with a line up of of three cask ales. The next natural step was to produce a range of bottled beers and to extend to a range of cask and keg brews to accommodate the more experimental drinker.

Its custom made 10-barrel brewhouse was overwhelmed as growth took hold. So now Stewart Brewing boasts a 50 hectolitre Bavarian brew kit housed in a new custom-built brewery in Loanhead. Perfect for beer tours.

Best Stewart Brewing Summer Drinks at Restoration Yard

This Session IPA, £2.50, India pale ale style beauty is brimming with the aromas and flavours of tropical and citrus fruits, with big bold hops making an easy drinking Session IPA.
Edinburgh Gold, £2.50, is beautifully balanced golden ale with a delicate hop aroma, subtle malty sweetness and a crisp finish.
Radical Road, £2.75, is a pale ale style beer. Its medium-bodied and bursting with notes of pine, grapefruit and citrus, providing long-lasting white foam and smooth bitterness.

NB Distillery

Steve and Vivienne Muir, owners of NB Distillery

"We believe in creating perfection. We are committed to quality no matter whether it is the product or the quality of the team that we engage.
When we put our NB name on a bottle, we promise that inside will be every bit as ‘perfect’ as our original. Whatever the product."

NB Distillery

The NB Distillery Story

Steve and Viv started off experimenting in their home kitchen with a pressure cooker and some old central heating pipes. They admit it was hardly glamorous, but this makeshift ‘still’ was a great way to test hundreds of different botanicals with water to see which worked together the best.

After perfecting their NB gin recipe, they invested in a custom-built still made to our exact specifications by the world’s oldest and most revered still-makers. It was a still that had to be able to precisely replicate their tried and tested recipe. That was when they moved out of their kitchen and into a small unit in North Berwick to continue distilling and growing the product range, which now also includes NB Rum.

Best NB Distillery Summer Drinks at Restoration Yard

NB London Dry Gin, £39.00, NB London Dry Citrus Vodka, £39.00, NB London Dry Navy Strength Gin, £50.00, NB Light Fruity Rum, £41.50

Liv Rum By Matugga Distillers

Matugga Rum founders Paul and Jacine Rutasikwa

"A lot of work goes into making soulful spirits that break with the norm, capture your imagination and dance on your palate."

Matugga Distillers

The Matugga Rum Distillery Story

Paul and Jacine Rutasikwa draw from their East African roots and soak up the best of Scotland when creating their smooth and beautiful rums. Using the finest ingredients from the easterly region of Africa, their artisan spirits are carefully crafted in Scotland through small-batch copper pot distillation. Their proud heritage, combined with playful innovation, allows them to capture the most adventurous and unique flavours of Africa in their Matugga rums. Their new brand, Liv Rum is a new venture on their journey. Paul explains: "Liv is a celebration of our love for craft rum, of Scotland’s nature, and the nation’s growing commitment to quality, local producers. Liv Rum is the next step in Matugga Distillers’ story, we wanted to create an accessible range of high-quality rums that are of great value and showcase the diversity and flexibility of the spirit.”

Best Matugga Summer Drinks at Restoration Yard

Warm, smooth and unbelievably moreish, the Liv Black Spiced Rum, £34.00, melds subtle spices, fragrant Scottish heather and rich molasses to create tantalising sensations of caramel and a hint of mint. Incredible over ice with a dash of cola.
Liv Honey & Lavender Rum Liqueur , £34.00, brings a bold Scottish honey punch to the layers of natural flavour drawn from slowly fermented molasses and copper-pot still distillation. Coupled with a delicate floral hint of fresh lavender, it’s a joy to sip over ice with ginger ale and a slice of lime.
Liv Raspberry & Hibiscus Rum Liqueur , £34.00, has a refreshing twist to the layers of natural flavour drawn from slowly fermented molasses and copper-pot still distillation. Infused with Scottish raspberries and hibiscus flowers, it’s delicious with a splash of cream soda, lemonade or tonic water over ice.

Hurly Burly Brewery

Hurly Burly brewing duo Peter and Louise McNaught

"We brew based on the premise that the less you interfere with the beer the better. As a result we prefer to leave the yeast to work its magic in the bottle or cask. This produces a more flavoursome, complex and enjoyable ale. It all takes time and we like to call ours Slow Beer."

Hurly Burly Brewery

The Hurly Burly Brewery Story

Slow beer. Slow brewed. That is the motto of Hurly Burly brewery. Peter and Louise McNaught have a growing range of bottle conditioned real ales with the emphasis on balance, subtlety and flavour. All are made using local East Lothian base malts and are unfiltered and unpasteurised so as to retain all the complexity and flavour you would expect from a real ale. The result? These tasty bottle-conditioned and cask ales are sooo good.

Best Hurly Burly Summer Drinks at Restoration Yard

Hurly Burly Limited Edition Hi & Rye Red Rye Ale, £3.20, Gnat's Hop Pale Ale, £3.20, Hare of the Dog India Pale Ale, £3.20, Giddy Goat Wheat Saison Ale, £3.20, Limited Edition Blimey Lime Sour Ale, £3.20