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8 Tasty Treats from The Foodhall

Gillian Heath
Head of Food & Beverage at Restoration Yard

Gillian Heath, our head of food and beverage, picks her 8 best tasty treats from The Foodhall. She may not be greeting you in our beautiful restaurant, The Kitchen just now. However, she is working on the new menus for when we do open. Gillian does have exquisite taste when it comes to all things delicious. So we asked her what her favourites from The Store's Foodhall were. Her choices are inspired. Perfect for family meal ideas and just in time for giving us a heads up on some tasty options for a Valentine's date night. Thank you Gillian.

1. Brilliant Beef

I love love love The Gordon Rhodes gourmet sauces, particularly this Sticky Brisket Beef Without The Grief, £2.55. Every one of these sauces is so tasty and super easy to use. I'm a busy full-time working mum so adore that these sauces are so quick and straightforward, you just bung them in the slow cooker. Et voila!

2. Hero Oils

Supernature's rapeseed oils are amazing so of course I had to include them in my best picks from The Foodhall. The Red Hot Chilli Oil, £2.95, or Oregano Oil, £2.95, are my favourites but there are many more flavours. I use for dipping hot toasted sourdough bread into. I also use as a flavour when cooking my veg that I add to couscous. Love them.

3. Perfect Rubs

All of the Smoky Brae rubs are great flavour makers! My top pick though is the Smoky Brae Smoked Sea Salt, £3.25. Sprinkle some on top of a delicious hot bread and eat with a good butter. Very delicious - especially with a great wine.

4. Must-have Mustard

All of Restoration Yard's mustards are really good but the one that has my heart is the Restoration Yard Hot Yellow Mustard, £3.95. I have it on absolutely everything.

5. The Perfect Pastry

For a super sweet treat to accompany a good cup of tea or coffee, I love this Diforti Aragostine Pistachio Pastry, £3.95. Everyone deserves a little luxury in their life!

6. Clever Curries

All of my family enjoy a curry and these Spice Pots are delicious. I tend to make a couple at a time for us. I opt for the Spice Pot Korma, £3.95, for my youngest kids, Jenna and Max, and make either a Spice Pot Bhuna, £3.95, or Spice Pot Goan, £3.95, for the the rest of us.

7. Hot Sauces

I like to add a little heat and all of the Bonnie Sauce Company sauces can do just that. My must-pick would be the Fiery Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce, £2.95. Add on to chargrilled chicken or a burger for that extra hit. Also use as a dipping sauce for spring rolls and hot prawns.

8. The Gin-tastic Gin

I adore The Old Curiosity Pink Elderflower and Jasmine Gin, £14.95. It's just a really lovely gin. I drink it with tonic and ice as it doesn't need anything else. It's my Friday night to start the weekend!

Enjoyed Gillian's pick of tasty treats from the Foodhall? Check out our Foodhall online for these and so many more treats.