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Get Easter Ready in The Store at Restoration Yard

Spring has arrived and Easter is just around the corner. To help you with your holiday gifting and activity planning we have pulled together the best Easter activities and gifts from The Store at Restoration Yard. Think delicious baked treats, new Easter traditions and quirky gifts that will make your recipient smile.

Baking Goodness

Say goodbye to flour on the floor, icing clouds aplenty and sprinkles in places you didn't even know they could go! We're here to solve all of your baking anxieties. Enter the Bottled Baking Co. Delicious pre-measured ingredients, in one bottle and the fun parts are left to you - Easter fun sorted all in one bottle.

Quail's Collectibles

UK based Quail's ceramics are traditional British designs with a thoroughly modern twist. The ceramic chickens, garden birds, dogs, cats, goats, guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits often do something useful for the owner, from pouring drinks to holding eggs or containing salt and pepper - they are more than pretty faces.
How sweet are these little guys for cute Easter gifts?

Cute Easter Slippers

Easter is soooo exciting for littles. Add some cuddly bunny slippers or teeny booties to their gift haul and save them from a complete chocolate egg overload. We love these ones from Jellycat and Jomanda.

Activities Galore

Give yourself a break and let your littles creativity fly with these arts & crafts activities. Big or small, you're sure to find fun for them all. The Clockwork Soldier Woodland Animal Masks make for magical playtime - maybe you'll even get an Easter holiday performance if you're lucky.

Growing Gifts

Spring is a time for growth and getting those green fingers back into practice. We have a wealth of great gardener gifts that will make for very cute Easter presents for all ages. Encouraging visits from bees, butterflies and birds, these little growing gifts will make anyone's outdoor space come alive this spring.

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