10 of the Best Wellbeing Classes and Activities

  Here at Restoration Yard, the word "restoration" isn't only used to describe our beautiful buildings – we passionately believe in restoration of self too.   That's why we created the Wellbeing Lab: a haven for emotional healing, rebalancing and renewing the self. With a variety of daily classes, one-off day retreats and bespoke one-to-one sessions, there really is something for everyone, whether you're new to wellbeing or a wellness guru!   Need some inspiration to get you started? Here's our pick of the best classes and activities to help you unwind, all within the park walls here at Restoration Yard - from meditation, yoga and Pilates to tailored coaching and massage sessions...  

1. Sunrise Yoga

  Our favourite way to begin the week! In the yogic discipline, early morning is considered a ‘divine time’ when spiritual energy is at its peak, so start the day as you mean to go on with this great drop-in yoga class. Mondays at 7.30am, £10 per class. SEE WHAT'S ON & BOOK.    

2. Heart Space Love - Meditations & Affirmations

  In this inspiring class with Lynette Gray, you'll connect to your heart through meditation, space and gratitude. When we connect to our hearts, and the heart area becomes open, we expand, grow and come fully alive. Tuesdays at 7pm, £10 per class. SEE WHAT'S ON & BOOK.    

3. Hatha Yoga

  Hatha yoga literally translated is ‘ha’ meaning ‘sun’ and ‘tha’ meaning ‘moon’, referring to the balance of masculine and feminine.   Kirsty’s classes are for everybody and you don’t need to be flexible to participate. If you’re expecting to be putting your foot behind your head then you’ll need to look elsewhere! Wednesdays at 7pm, £10 per class. SEE WHAT'S ON & BOOK.    

4. Pilates

  With separate classes for all levels - beginners, improvers or intermediates - Rebecca Palmer's classes offer a more tailored approach, allowing every individual to enjoy the perfect Pilates experience for them. Fridays at 9.30am (intermediate) and 10.35am (improvers). £51 for 6 classes. SEE WHAT'S ON & BOOK.    

5. Mindfulness Day Retreat

  Join Gary Young and Craig Ali for this invigorating day of mindfulness practice - a day to invest in yourself by unwinding and re-charging.   You’ll enjoy a soothing blend of mindfulness, movement and sound techniques to help rebalance mind & body and boost your energy. Saturday 22nd June, 10am - 4pm, £48.65 per person. FIND OUT MORE & BOOK.    

6. Restorative Yoga

  Chronic tiredness is becoming more and more common in our culture, with many of us living demanding and busy lives.   Enter "Restorative Yoga" - the sensitive and intelligent use of a full range of props to create entirely supported yoga poses which act as environments for the body to find stillness, balance and healing. Aaaaaand relax... Tuesdays at 10am, £10 per class. SEE WHAT'S ON & BOOK.    

7. Physio Led Pilates

  Join this class to improve your overall wellbeing through increasing core strength, balance, co-ordination, flexibility and relaxation of both the body and mind.   Pilates is also used for prevention and recovery from injury, enhancing performance in sport, and makes the body more efficient for everyday life. Sign us up! Mondays (8.10pm) and Wednesdays (9.30am, 5.50pm, 8.10pm), £10 per class. SEE WHAT'S ON & BOOK.    

8. Energising Flow Yoga

  Try energising yoga flow to cleanse after the weekend and set you up strong for the week ahead. Blow away the cobwebs, stretch, breathe and connect with your body, feeling strong, relaxed and ready for your week. Mondays at 7pm, £12 per class. SEE WHAT'S ON & BOOK.    

9. Yoga for everyone

  If you're new to yoga, this class is for you!   Suitable for beginners and experienced yogi’s alike, it'll work through your body providing stretch, building strength and finding balance. Don’t worry if you’re not flexible – everyone works at their own pace and what is best for them. Just bring yourself and some water and you’re set to go! Tuesdays at 8.15pm, £10 per class. SEE WHAT'S ON & BOOK.    

10. Harmonize Your Life with Jen Wood

  Discover your soul’s purpose, rekindle your zest for life and find clarity and confidence with Jen Wood's "Harmonizing your life" programme. Whether you sign up to a 10-week programme or more flexible one-off sessions, Jen will tailor the experience especially for you. Sessions vary from £75/hour. FIND OUT MORE & BOOK.   Jen also offers a range of bespoke wellbeing consultancy sessions, mindfulness, massage and reflexology. Visit her website here to find out more.   Not a fan of classes? Here are some of our favourite alternatives:  

Walks at Dalkeith Country Park

  Nothing clears the head better than a relaxing walk and some fresh country air - even more so in beautiful surroundings like these!   Whether it's a morning jog, brisk lunch-time walk or an evening wander, give it a go and feel the benefits instantly. Not convinced? Read this article to find out why walking in the woods is incredibly good for you.   Download our map of all the wonderfully scenic walking routes here in the park.  

Retail therapy

  Everyone is different, and if none of the above classes are for you then perhaps a bit of good old-fashioned retail therapy is exactly what you need!   Pop in to the store at Restoration Yard and browse our colourful range of fashion, beauty, kids toys and homeware to lift even the lowest of spirits... not forgetting our foodhall where you can pick up all sorts of delicious treats!