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10 Best Wellbeing Pick-me-ups

It's January. The usual slump post-Christmas may be even more tough this year as we all keep safe. Be kind to yourself or someone you love. Take your pick from our 10 of the best wellbeing pick-me-ups from our online store! Each one of these little treats can help point you into positivity so you can start 2021 in a most mindful manner.
New year. New you. New mindset!

1. Mindfulness Cards

Cultivate the most mindful moments—anytime and anywhere with these Mindfulness Cards, £12.99. This engaging deck of cards makes it easy to bring a sense of awareness, calm and joy to your every day. These little cards of positivity are one of the best wellbeing pick-me-ups as they prompt and exercise both your mind and your body. Every card has an inspiring phrase on its front and a bite-size mindfulness exercise on the back. Pick one every morning to help set your intentions for each day.

2. Yoga Dice

Yoga lovers will love this handy set of Yoga Dice, £14.99. The seven wooden dice (one for each chakra - the energy points in your body) represent different types of yoga poses. These poses include seated, standing, balancing and twists. Roll them to create unique practice sessions that will appeal to yogis of all levels. Um. Ah!

3. Spark Creativity Matches

This little box of delights will ignite you with 50 great prompts into creativity! Each faux match in this beautiful Spark Creativity Matchbox, £10.99, inspires a bright idea. Just a few of our favourites include: ‘Think of some rules you usually follow. Now break them.’, ‘Execute a single idea 10 different ways. Give yourself a time limit’. Makes a great little gift for that aspiring writer or artist.

4. Caledonian Pine Bath Oil & Candle

Being kind to yourself in little ways promotes an enormous sense of wellbeing! And what is kinder than an indulgent beautiful oil bath teamed with a gorgeous scented candle? The new, sustainably made, Restoration Yard Caledonian Pine Bath Oil, £19.95, and Candle, £28.00, have a reviving fragrance of Scotland’s native pine infused with
cedarwood & patchouli. Perfection.

5. Yoga Pretzels Cards For Kids & Adults

Introducing littles to the yoga discipline in a fun and engaging way, our Yoga Pretzels Cards, £10.99, break down yoga poses into easy to understand and easy-to-do steps. Have fun together working your way through some giggle-inducing poses as well as find some peace and calm. These cards are the perfect way to get through the pain of Lockdown 2. They may prove constructive light relief from home-schooling so that's why we had to include in our 10 Best Wellbeing Pick-me-ups list!

6. Bee Happy Mug

Give someone a little gift that will start their everyday with the best good intention of them all ~ 'Bee Happy'! This little mug of happiness by Sass & Belle, £9.95, exudes goodness. Even better fill it with some of our best herbal teas from our fine selection in our online Foodhall. Bliss.

7. Rebecca Tracey Pulse Point Rollerballs

Rebecca Tracey's little Pulse Point Rollerballs, £8.95 are made using a range of 100% pure essential oils to help balance mind and body. Each one is designed for different moments of need. Choose from Breathe, Chill Out, Equilibrium, Fresh Head, Revive and Sleep Well to create harmony as you desire it. These little bottles of wellness can be applied to the wrists, temples, forehead or behind the ears – whenever they’re required! Their handy design and size therefore means no spillage and so are perfect for keeping in your handbag or pocket to use as and when needed.  Big plus point - they last for ages because a little goes a long way!

8. Mindful Tots: Loving Kindness Book

This cute little book for pre-schoolers will help them learn to "wish happiness, kindness and calm for everyone,”  including themselves! Mindful Tots : Loving Kindness...happy feelings for little ones, £5.99, is the perfect introduction to mindfulness - a life skill that often gets overlooked.  It uses simple to understand words and straightforward instructions alongside engaging and bright illustrations to nurture compassion, self-awareness and a strong caregiver-child bond.

9. Aroma Home Body Wrap

OK so massages are out for the moment because we are all staying safe. This little beauty is a great alternative and a soothing and relaxing gift (for yourself or someone else) if ever there was one. The Aroma Home Body Wrap, £11.95, is filled with flax and lavender seeds. Use it hot or cold, wrap it around the shoulders or place on areas of stress or pain for a blissful moment of peaceful release. It will mould to your body. Use warm on an aching back, shoulder, neck and stomach muscles, for stress and to relieve arthritic joint pain. Use chilled as a cooling compress to reduce inflammation. Eases sprains, bumps and bruises, headaches, migraines and keeps you cool on a hot day. A little piece of wonder.

10. Restoration Yard Pillow Mist

Our wondrous bottle of Restoration Yard Pillow Mist, £19.95, was created in conjunction with local producer and sustainability lifestyle guru Laura Thomas. Spray this 100% natural mist on your pillow before you head off to sleep. As a result, you will find calm and relaxation promoted by its soothing lavender scent. It's heaven.

We hope you've enjoyed our little edit of 10 of the best wellbeing pick-me-ups because restoration is at the heart of all that we do. You'll find even more wellness treats in our online store. Check out our Wellness selection HERE.